According to one of the universally accepted definitions of motivation, it is an internal state of being, or an internal condition that activates one’s behavior, giving it direction. Motivation has also been defined as a desire or need which directs and energizes behavior that is oriented towards a goal.

Another definition of motivation states that it is the influence of the needs and desires on the intensity of behavior and direction it will follow. There is one more expert who defined motivation as the arousal, direction, as well as persistence of one’s behavior. However, the fact remains that is rather difficult to clearly define motivation, as various experts in the field have come to their varying conclusions through the years.

According to the various definitions there are varied sources of motivation, such as follows :

. Behavioral : This is either to obtain desirable and pleasant consequences or to avoid undesirable and unpleasant consequences
. Social : This is related to the need to be a part of a group
. Biological : This is related to the need to fulfill all biological needs such as hunger, thirst; satisfy the senses, etc.
. Cognitive : This is satisfy the various intellectual needs
. Affective : This relates to the emotional needs
. Conative : This pertains to achieving personal goals and do away with any threats that come in the way of achieving goals
. Spiritual : This relates to the goal of self-realization