With every job, there is one common problem that people face, which is getting stuck in the machine of time and routine. This leads to boredom and is known to be a de-motivator by the experts. It is for this reason that human resource managers are asked to ensure that there are activities and varied ways and means to keep employees motivated from time to time.

Today, the large multinational companies are taking stock of the problem and are doing all that they can to ensure that employees are happy and ever enthusiastic about their work. This is vital in order to get the maximum out of them and to keep employee burn out at bay. And ensuring this lies in the hands of the managers.

Basically, in order to keep motivating employees there are 7 strategies that can be adopted, which are as follows:

. Providing positive reinforcements for the tasks accomplished and setting higher goals to be achieved
. Setting down certain effective rules and regulations to be followed in the office
. Seeing that fair rules are set in the office

. Provide the employees with all the important office Supplies so that they can concentrate on their work without any distractions
. Looking into employee needs and seeing that they are comfortable in their work environment
. There should be work-related goals set from time to time
. There should be regular appraisals and platforms where employees can share their on the job experiences
. There should be consistent and constant on the job rewarding and incentives