Following are the collection of family friend poems with the concept of friendship within the family.

If I Could Build a Friend
If I were able to build a friend, I’d choose the qualities on which I could depend.
Her eyes would tell me how much she cared, and relieve my hurt when I felt alone and scared.

She’d smile that smile that says it’ll be okay, I’m always here for you night and day.
She’d cry with me when my world fell apart, and I’d know the tears were from her heart.
She’d make me feel like a V.I.P., and no one could ever be dearer to me.
So where should my search begin, for this special lifetime friend?
There’s only one person I trust for advice, so I reach over to pick up my phoning device.
It occurred to me as I dialed the number, this extraordinary friend is my very own Mother.

As you say, “hello”, I get chills down my spine.
You’re my very best friend dear Mother of mine.

A Mom is that one person, that always knows just what to do.
She’s smart and caring, funny and kind, always there for you.
Cuts and scrapes and broken hearts, a mother’s love can mend.
An open heart (and 20 bucks!) she’s always willing to lend.
All those days you’re feeling down, a mom will understand.
She’s the one standing beside you, giving a helping hand.
A mother teaches us how to fly when we can’t work our wings.
And watches us slowly fall asleep, as she quietly sings.
Mothers are a gift from God that we should all hold near.
To love and cherish with all our hearts, yes mother’s are so dear!

Sister you are always their,
and for the most part you have always been fair.
Though we don’t always get along,
our relationship has always been pretty strong.

Sis. you have always shown support for me,
even when everyone is doubting me.
You always believe in what I do,
so just know that I love you.

I’m sorry for not always believing in you,
but I’m sometimes immature and don’t always think in what you do.
Forgive me for being a jerk in the past,
but aren’t you lucky that stage didn’t last.

I’m proud of you too,
and I know I can expect more good things from you.
You are so loving and caring,
I wish everyone had what you do.

You aren’t so far away from me,
but it doesn’t mean that don’t miss you
So the next time you visit you’ll see the new me,
this is just a small way to tell you I Love You.