The human behavior is a combination of different types of reactions which you come up with in the various situations. You might be acting differently than others in the same situations. This makes the human nature a mystery for most of the researchers in the field of Psychology. But still there are some valid answers to at least some questions when it comes to confidence and motivation. Yes! Motivation which is the most researched subject in the field of management sciences and Psychology is the deciding factor which moulds your behavior.

Legs of Motivation There are some elements of motivation which have been presented after performing various experiments by a researcher named Charlie. Here is a brief description of these important elements of motivation.

The first and the foremost element of motivation is considered to be the presence of creativity. If you are creative and believe that your contribution will definitely be useful, no matter, how small, you will be motivated to do the job. It was assumed that creativity should be encouraged by valuing every idea whether it is apparently big or small and it is the key to success. Secondly, you should try to cash on whatever opportunity you come across. You probably heard the term “the survival of the fittest”.

It refers to the fact that you will survive only when you are proactive towards the windows of opportunities. Those who do not actively react cannot get motivated. Third element is about the learning from your failure. You cannot succeed unless you taste a failure. It is the most element of motivation as it makes you feel proud of even your failure. You should be motivated to do even better so as to defeat your own failure. If you want to be motivated, you should consider these elements of motivation.