You might be encouraged by a gentle tap on your shoulder by your boss at the end of a successful presentation. This will appreciate you a lot and you will try to do even better in future. It is undoubtedly an important event in your life to get the appreciation from your boss. But did you ever think how it would feel if you will succeed when you will attain your goal on the basis of your inner drive? No? It is probably because you never felt anything like your inner drive or what they call motivation.

Motivation - An Inner Drive It does not mean that you are not motivated but it that you never felt like working on what you are naturally motivated to you or what your natural aptitude makes you to do.

You might have seen a child getting excited when he stands on his foot for the first time. It is the sense of achievement which overwhelms him and he again falls on the floor as he does not have physical strength to keep standing for long. But what makes him give it another try? Yes! It is his inner drive or motivation which gives him the courage to stand up again. The same goes for the adults.

If you hear the voice of your heart and do what you really want to do, you will feel more motivated and the taste of that success will be different from the one you get through appreciation from others around you. According to research the inner motivation can make move earth if you use it in the true sense of the word. You can take the examples of great men like Albert Einstein, Disney and many others who made history just because they had the inner lust for success which bore fruit for them later on.