Your behavior reflects your personality. You can assess the level of your confidence by the way you respond to different unusual situations. There has been an extensive research being carried out on the behavior of people when exposed to similar situations but the results are mostly contradictory which proves that humans are the most unpredictable creatures on planet earth. Some studies tried to explore the relationship between the behavior and the level of motivation of a person.

Motivation and Behavior They came up with some results which tell us that if your general behavior shows the unconditional trust in your own self, it will be easier for you to enhance your motivation level. Once you are confident about your abilities, you will be motivated to prove them. So the amin point is to have a blind faith in your capabilities. It is also confirmed that those who are normally possess a sense of responsibility are more motivated. It is to say that when you feel it to be your prime duty to do a certain job, your motivation level will make you do that act with optimum perfection.

The research proved the fact that the people who keep on complaining about everything tend to have lower levels of motivation because they get disappointed easily and hence do not try to do anything on their own.

Today is the world of activity and diversity. You cannot survive if you are slow to react or if you do not accept changes easily. Your general behavior of accepting the changes rather bringing some positive changes to your surrounding will make you motivated towards justifying these changes. The extent of your concentration lays down the motivation level. If you can focus for long, you will be better equipped to motivate yourself o move forward in your life.