The urgency of a situation often makes you panicked and confused. It will bring about havoc if you do not work when it is really needed. That means that you will only work when there is no way out of the situation, right? But that does not make sense because then where will be your motivation go? Yes! It is referred to the fact that if you work only of desperation, then what is the role of motivation.

Motivation and Desperation The answers to all such questions is that you need to be motivated by yourself. If you are just waiting for the eleventh hour, it will not work for long for you. This world is not made for those who are “made” to work instead it is a heaven for the willing workers only.

It means that your natural attitude should be such as to be responsible and motivated rather than that you just work when there is some emergency. It is the distinguishing feature of the human beings that we can make decisions on our own. This lays a heavy responsibility on our shoulders as well as we are supposed to prove ourselves in all cases. The studies by the behavioral scientists proved that the results when employees do their job by their motivation are far more fruitful than those done under the urgency or emergency.

It refers to the quality of results when you make use of your motivation. It is commonly seen that if you start studying just before fifteen days of your examinations, you will not be able to secure any of the top positions but if you study on a regular basis going through your lessons just with an intention it is what you are supposed to do, you are bound to have good results in all your academic classes.