Man is born with an inborn wish to make his own decision. It is because he is born free and is blessed with a quality to make decision. This quality of human beings distinguishes them from other living organisms. But now it depends on the humans how this quality is utilized. You normally see people making irrational decisions. It is a poor utilization. On the other hand, if you try to consider the paradigms of logic, you will be able to take logical decisions. Whenever you make any decision, you analyze its consequences due to which you decide something. The consequences in other words make you do a certain job or behave in a particular manner. Therefore, the results of any conduct are the motivation behind doing something.

Motivation and Human life You must have heard this motivation thing being discussed at every other forum if you happen to watch TV shows, but did you ever think that how does motivation work on your psychology? Wel! It is simple yet complex. It convinces your brain to keep on doing a certain act as it will benefit you i some way. Your brain sends messages to the relevant systems of your body which help you doing that work. Another form of motivation is that you are refrained from doing something due to the perceived harmful effects of the act.

Then again the brain does it function according to the level of motivation which stops you doing that thing again. One way or another motivation is the deciding factor which sets the temperament of your character. If you are motivated, you will be able o do a certain job in the best possible manner otherwise you will do it halfheartedly and the results will obviously different. Hence it is the most important factor of human behavior.