Without missing words, almost everyone wants to be successful in one way or the other. These may vary from desiring monetary target, weight loss, be a positive parent, establishing your presence online through affiliate websites, the common determinant in everything in life is self motivating and total commitment.


Show me a successful person and I will show you a man with a goal. It is one thing to have a lofty goal, it is a different ball game to be so committed and consistent to work out the plans. Firstly, your goals must be specific, realistic and achievable. Engage your imaginative power to visualize those goals until it actually turns reality. Do yourself a favor by specifying every detail in writing as reminder on daily basis.

· Your goal must naturally motivate you. Until your goal excites you, you can hardly be inspired to take step towards it.

· Your goal must be exciting. If this is lacking, then something great is missing. The only way out is to re-visit your plans and think through those things that gears you up for speedy realization.

· Do you allow any day to pass you by with any significant steps towards your goal? This gradual process eventually accumulates to a tangible result.

· Deliberately spend at least 15 minutes daily to evaluate the progress so far, achievements naturally motivate you.

· Be optimistic. Maintain a positive mentally and attitude. There is no impossibility in life most especially when it is broken down in bits. If only you can be positive minded, you will be fully charge of your future.

In reality, things may seems too hard sometimes, there may seem not to be light at the end of the tunnel, at this stage just maintain focus and never be distracted. Believe in yourself and see yourself succeeding even in the face of obstacles, failure and setbacks.