Optimism is the feeling that good things will happen and that something will be successful. Scientists said based on the observation and experiments that the only medication to depression and other psychological sickness is optimism. Also it has been proved scientifically that 95% of all human sickness are prevented through optimism. The addition of desire and talent to optimism brings about your goal. Therefore, optimism is a human character that can be learnt.

The way we commune with ourselves about the life matter will show may be we are optimistic or not. For instance, the mode of your reasoning mostly after the occurrence of negative happenings is the one that will indicate whether you are optimism or not. The optimism enumerates and react to the issues of the lives basically from a personal power that is too confidence which talk in a way that shows no respect for other people. Optimism is the acts of demanding legal right and uses his personal power. Optimism is the act of believing that you are capable enough to affect the level of affairs. The power of optimism could be use in three different ways:

1. The extent of lasting of occurrence as it is believed that every negativity or opposition is temporal.

2. Optimism is the act of counting all failures that comes by as just ordinary set back that can never determine the future. Optimism is the act of putting aside every negativity and will never be permitted to interfere with every other life facet.

3. Optimism is seeing every negative happenings as the insufficient application method and action used. It is never the wrong application or action used. Optimism is to consider the future and have a greater and better understanding that it is permanent. Optimism is to believe that the only solution to the problem that occurs is correction of action.