There are some books that you can read to improve yourself personally some of which are listed below are written by Jef Gazley.

1. IS THAT THE REASON I GET ABUSED? This book teaches you your own health borders. You could also learn its application to your life everyday. The self-esteem and the health abuse could also be learnt from this book.

2. IS THAT THE REASON I HAVE A SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROBLEM? This book is good for those that are drug or alcoholic addicted. This book teaches you on the problems generated from drugs or alcohols and to tackle it personally without the help of the third party. It helps to improve you better.

3. IS THAT THE REASON I TRY TO TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE TOO MUCH AND CANNOT SAY “no”? reading this book helps you to suppress your emotions despite been enveloped by the other people’s challenges. You will learn from this book about the signs and causes of codependence which you might be subjected to. Make this book your companion for wellness and good health.

4. IS THAT THE REASON WHY I CANNOT COMMUNICATE WELL? Reading this book will teach you how to run away from conflict, relate well and how to express your opinion or desire strongly with confidence.

5. IS THAT THE REASON WHY OUR FAMILY DOES NOT COMMUNICATE WELL? This book teaches you the dynamics in dysfunctional family. It could direct you to higher self-esteem and goodness for the entire family.

6. IS THAT THE REASON MY RELATIONSHIP FAIL? This book is self improvement which expatiate the healthy love and unhealthy love.

7. IS THAT THE REAASON OUR CHILDREN DON’T MIND? These books teach the secret of good parenting and undo the stress.

8. IS THAT THE REASON WHY I CANNOT DEAL WITH STRESS AFTER A TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE? It teaches you on how to cure a post-traumatic stress disorder.