One of the most difficult aspects in life is to remain constantly motivated under any circumstances. It is rather difficult as situations and people often come our way to water our fire of enthusiasm, or they bring gushing winds to blow out the flames. And under these circumstances we need to fight harder to keep the flames ablaze.

Help may come from various sources, but the fact is that one is motivated only when they wish to be motivated. There has to be that desire to want to be on enthusiastic side of motivation. Incentives, rewards, achievements, praises, etc., are all external forces that function as motivators, but yet there is nothing more powerful than self motivation. In fact, there are people who achieve all they want to, but yet there is a spark missing – the spark that actually drives them into action – the intrinsic motivation that keeps them smiling.

People primarily lose motivation because of three factors:

. Loss of confidence
. Loss of focus
. Loss of direction

There are a few golden rules that can be followed to bring one back onto the path of being self motivated:

. It is the inner desire to want something that keeps one motivated and not an external factor
. One must set goals that are pleasurable, rather than those set in fear
. Creatively visualize the goal
. Reinforce the set goal with positive thought and action
. Make the achievement of the goal a high priority task

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