There are a number of factors which help towards the well being of a person, out of which the role of Self Motivation is the most prominent. Self Motivation is needed consistently in our lives to exercise and live healthy. It is easy to give up on things or leave them on tomorrow, but doing them today is where it all matters.

It’s great to have a trainer to help you to do things in order, or having a couple of friends to work along and guide you through, but at the end of the day it is you who has to do it. You cannot always depend on others for motivation. Prepare yourselves to do things on your own even if you make mistakes. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, rather learn from your mistakes.

Self Motivation Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to take accept challenges. The best way to self motivate is to start with less and gradually increase it. A good example of this can be, if you want to start running in the morning and you make up your mind and get up the next day, don’t start off straight with a 10km run. Instead start with just 1km or do a brisk walk around the block for the first couple of days and gradually you will be motivated and you will start running more.

Create targets for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you start with easier targets, what matters is your consistency in achieving them. It is a type of a chain reaction: small positive changes lead to positive results which in turn lead to more positive changes.

Positive talk is also one of the major things that lead to self motivation. We need to remind ourselves again and again that we can accomplish the desired goal. This consistently talking to oneself leads to many positive changes, and ultimately leading to success.

To conclude, if we tell ourselves of the task and motivate ourselves to do it, there is no force powerful enough to stop us from achieving it.