If you desire a suitably motivated team who do not abandon their work, searching for greener pastures but significantly contribute to your business, the following tips can be regarding each member of your team.



Make a distinction between the quality time and quantity time. It is more profitable to set apart few minutes of quality time at interval than hours of yearly review. Get familiar with every single members of your team for effective interaction and one on one relationship. Besides, you will have access to the job being carried out and much more understanding with them. In addition, it portrays that you are concerned with the individuals and your readiness to assist them formally and informally. The invested quality time will also facilitate suggestions and ideas from the team while you will be better position explain the vision and mission of the organization. Put everything all together it is a good motivator.



As much as you should be telling every individual member of your team when they perform well, you should also be bold enough to say otherwise when their performance is below expectation. Although, your staff members are being paid for the service being rendered, it is suggested that you still give them commendation for excellent performance. This will go a long way to stimulate their happiness and also motivate them to do more. As a manager, you should always have human face, even when criticizing any member of staff; do so with love and in constructive manner.


Here, we are dealing with empowerment section which came into limelight for the first time in 1980s. Nevertheless, it is loaded with full potentials yet highly conflicting and confusing term in nowadays team. Empowerment is concerned with the application of knowledge skill, experience in addition to the motivating power which is no more new among your people. All over the world, larger percentage of all teams and company are not being used maximally. It is most likely that your teams have not fully discharge their full potentials.