You are expected to do everything in your life with a specific purpose. If you do not consider the logic of doing a certain act, you are not considered as a human being. It is the basic characteristic of human beings that we analyze the pros and cons before we go for the practical effort to do it. It makes perfect sense when you can justify your conduct on the basis of a certain solid grounds. You cannot make progress in your life if you are not able or you do not pay heed to understand the logic behind everything.

The Logic Behind Motivation This analytical power of human beings actually differentiates you from the rest of the living organisms. So did ever try to figure out what is the logic behind this motivation which is now being extensively discussed in various quarters of life.

No? Well! Let me tell you! The logic behind the motivation thing is that you always do a certain act when you expect some results. Agreed! These results motivate you to do everything you o. if you do not perceive positive results by doing something, you will not be motivated and hence will not do that particular thing or act. Therefore, basically these are the results which make you do the work.

For example, if you do not believe that you will get a prize if you stood first in the examination, you will not be motivated and consequently, will not work hard or study properly. This way motivation modifies your conduct. Therefore, you also want to win the race of life, you will have to motivate yourself so that your mind and body work together for the cause. You cannot succeed unless and until you believe firmly and have strong faith in your attempt to cross the limits of success.