When one is fired from the belly and ready to take the difficult path to achieve their goals and targets, they are said to be motivated. And this is a strong feeling or urge. It is fired by internal, as well as external factors. Thus, when asked what is motivation? The answer is as simple as this: It is the driving force that keeps one going towards one’s goals.

However, one needs to keep in mind that there are various factors that keeps one motivated through life, and this varies from person to person. The factors are neither age specific, nor gender specific. They are simply case specific. According to various experts is depends on the needs that need to be fulfilled; and the desires one wishes to accomplish or gain.

Before going further one needs to understand that there are primarily two types of motivation:

. Positive Motivation : This brings about positive response to the action that one needs to undertake in order to achieve their goals

. Negative Motivation : Means being reinforced with fear, anxiety and such negative feelings in order to have tasks and goals achieved

According to universal expert consensus, motivation is behavior that is driven by a goal. This implies that one is diverted towards achieving the set targets, no matter what. These maybe simple need based targets such as food, clothing and shelter. Or then goals of fame, recognition and prosperity. Or at the top of the rung the goal of self-realization. Each journey requires a driving force and this fuel for the human body is motivation.