What is Self-Motivation?
Motivation is the most talked of topic these days. Whether you look at the research articles related to business management or the general talk shows telecasted on Television. Even the common men discuss the importance of high motivation in the daily life. It is no doubt the most important element of the human psychology which makes you focused towards the ...more»
Motivation and Human life
Man is born with an inborn wish to make his own decision. It is because he is born free and is blessed with a quality to make decision. This quality of human beings distinguishes them from other living organisms. But now it depends on the humans how this quality is utilized. You normally see people making irrational decisions. It is ...more»
Importance of Motivation
You must have heard the famous saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”. It holds good for every walk of life. You might be wondering what does really refer to? Well! It can be applied to everything you do or everything you want to do. It means that if you have a strong will to attain a ...more»
Staff Motivation
Staff motivation as a creative skill is very essential to the productivity of every organization. Simply determine your expectation as compare to what the staff is actually made up of in relation to courtesy and sensitivity to human plights. Research has shown that staff motivation is the skillful handling and indirect influence of the production force. Despite, care must be ...more»
Self Improvement Ideas
Self improvement ideas are the act of producing better quality personally more than before. Here are some ways and methods by which an individual can use everyday of his or her life for self improvement. 1. DO NOT GRUMBLE: Stop grumbling! The fact that you did not grumble does not indicate that everything is fine or that there is ...more»
Lack Of Motivation In Life
Despite the tasking and tiredness of the previous day, you still get up from your bed in the morning, that moving force is called motivation. By definition, motivation is those internal conditions that propels behavior and chart the course of action. In breaths life and guide result oriented attitude. Be well informed that it does not matter how lofty that ...more»
Types Of Motivation
1. AFFILIATION MOTIVATION This is a strong desire to associate with different kinds of people in social matters. Those in this group are increasingly more productive and most especially when they are giving pat at the back in recognition of their favorable behavior and co-operation. 2. COMPETENCE MOTIVATION This implies strong desire to be a guru or ...more»
Personal Development Plan
Personal development plan is the creation of opportunities for deep and structural imagination. These include what you desire to accomplish in life, the real person you want to become, distinction between personal goals and ambitions, taking the right step towards your goal and determining personal responsibilities in life. Those focus or contents vary according to individuals and time. THE ...more»
Extrinsic Motivation
Extrinsic motivation is one of the types of motivation that can be received from external such as money, grading, popularity, trophies and many more. It could also be punishments, doing what you do not want to do by force and so on. Extrinsic motivation is received from your environment. It occurs through the life time of a person. Children ...more»
Personal Development Goal
Many a times, the term personal development could be confusing. The meaning you adduced to this depends on the school of thought that you belong to and the actual school that is reigning. Certainly, several people attempt to work on themselves beginning from the onset by performing brilliantly in schools, securing a month watering jobs, get to the position ...more»
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