Sales Motivation
For any sales representatives to be successful in their sales, then there must be sales motivation. Those people that perform best in their sales have a solid back up of sales motivation and internal guidance. To be internally motivated, indicates that the person is able to know what he or she is doing naturally without learning at the appropriate time. ...more»
Intrinsic Motivation
The two types of motivation are extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation has to do with incentives while intrinsic motivation on the other hand is the actual self motivation. In the long run, intrinsic motivation is more profitable for the fact that the person is very zealous in what he or she is going. Naturally a lot of people ...more»
Achievement Motivations
Consistently, behavioral scientists have observed that a lot of people possess strong interest to accomplish certain things; several others are not likely being interesting over their accomplishments. This fact has really sparked up debates and discussions. It has been proved time and again that those with impressive achievement motivation display some particular behavior. Hence, achievement motivation is the chances for ...more»
What is Motivation?
Motivation is an important virtue which can be defined in various ways. Motivation is that force which directs one’s behavior towards the task. You can also say that it is an Energy, which drives a person to accomplish something. It is Motivation that helps in increasing the morale of a person to do better work. Whether it is about ...more»
Self Motivation
There are a number of factors which help towards the well being of a person, out of which the role of Self Motivation is the most prominent. Self Motivation is needed consistently in our lives to exercise and live healthy. It is easy to give up on things or leave them on tomorrow, but doing them today is ...more»
Importance of Motivation at Work
It is very important for a person to be motivated before taking up a task, if he wants to be successful in it. Without motivation the task will not be completed or it may not succeed in the desired way. Let us further understand the importance of motivation. It gets you going: Motivation is the most important factor ...more»
Components of Motivation
One of the most distinguished and different feature of motivation is that we always have to keep it up. If we have to go from one place to another, we start off from one place, travel and reach the other place and our task is completed. Similarly, when we start a project, we write it, complete it and ...more»
Self Motivation
One of the most difficult aspects in life is to remain constantly motivated under any circumstances. It is rather difficult as situations and people often come our way to water our fire of enthusiasm, or they bring gushing winds to blow out the flames. And under these circumstances we need to fight harder to keep the flames ablaze. Help may come ...more»
Motivation At The Workplace
Many people do not actually realize this, but the fact is that most human beings spend a maximum number of waking hours at the workplace. This is one place that gives the means for survival in the form of monetary returns. And in spite of this, there are various situations and circumstances that occur at the workplace that lead one ...more»
Motivation Theory
A number of psychologists and other experts in the field have contributed towards bringing about various theories with regards to motivation. There is no single motivation theory that can stand out and be revealed as the only one. Given here are the varied theories on motivation. . Acquired Needs Theory : According to this theory one seeks affiliation, power and achievement . Affect Perseverance Theory ...more»
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