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The Logic Behind Motivation
You are expected to do everything in your life with a specific purpose. If you do not consider the logic of doing a certain act, you are not considered as a human being. It is the basic characteristic of human beings that we analyze the pros and cons before we go for the practical effort to do it. It makes ...more»
What is your Motivation Factor?
Motivation! It is the driving force which makes you do something which is sometimes not expected of you. Yes! It has the ability to change the whole world if you want to. Every individual has some motivation factor. It lies in the depth of your personality and sets the temperament of your life not even letting you know. Some people ...more»
Motivation and Human life
Man is born with an inborn wish to make his own decision. It is because he is born free and is blessed with a quality to make decision. This quality of human beings distinguishes them from other living organisms. But now it depends on the humans how this quality is utilized. You normally see people making irrational decisions. It is ...more»
Importance of Motivation
You must have heard the famous saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”. It holds good for every walk of life. You might be wondering what does really refer to? Well! It can be applied to everything you do or everything you want to do. It means that if you have a strong will to attain a ...more»
Components of Motivation
One of the most distinguished and different feature of motivation is that we always have to keep it up. If we have to go from one place to another, we start off from one place, travel and reach the other place and our task is completed. Similarly, when we start a project, we write it, complete it and ...more»
Importance of Motivation
One of the most important and underlying factors that drives every human being reach their goals is motivation. This includes personal, as well as professional goals and targets. In fact, if this driving force did not exist then people would live in the rut of monotony and no great discoveries or inventions would have happened. Humanity would have probably continued ...more»