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Personal Development Goal
Many a times, the term personal development could be confusing. The meaning you adduced to this depends on the school of thought that you belong to and the actual school that is reigning. Certainly, several people attempt to work on themselves beginning from the onset by performing brilliantly in schools, securing a month watering jobs, get to the position ...more»
Intrinsic Motivation
The two types of motivation are extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation has to do with incentives while intrinsic motivation on the other hand is the actual self motivation. In the long run, intrinsic motivation is more profitable for the fact that the person is very zealous in what he or she is going. Naturally a lot of people ...more»
Sales Motivation
For any sales representatives to be successful in their sales, then there must be sales motivation. Those people that perform best in their sales have a solid back up of sales motivation and internal guidance. To be internally motivated, indicates that the person is able to know what he or she is doing naturally without learning at the appropriate time. ...more»
Achievement Motivations
Consistently, behavioral scientists have observed that a lot of people possess strong interest to accomplish certain things; several others are not likely being interesting over their accomplishments. This fact has really sparked up debates and discussions. It has been proved time and again that those with impressive achievement motivation display some particular behavior. Hence, achievement motivation is the chances for ...more»
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